York Community Stadium

"Refreshed" Exterior to link York History

LiDAR Scan was instructed to produce a 3-Dimensional data model for the external West elevation of the York Community Stadium. The stadium is sponsored by London North Eastern Railway, LNER.

This facade has aluminium panels set out in a triangular 3-plane configuration which required accurate, detailed measurements, and analysis for the graphics to be fabricated at an angle and placed.

The output of our work was used by the graphics company, Imageco Limited, to produce new imagery depicting the history of York.

2021 – elevational survey completed

As stated on THE PRESS, written by Emily Horner: David Horne, managing director at LNER, said: “We felt it was important that the new mural reflected many of the things that make York such a wonderful place to live and work.”

“It’s a great piece of artwork, and we’ve already had some incredible feedback from fans and the wider community.”

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